Featured Roaster – ONA Coffee

Featured Roaster – ONA Coffee
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A Brief Note From Us

Hello! It’s almost half way through the year, which is completely wild but we’re hoping each month get’s a little more interesting with every bag of goodies we bring to your door. This month we’re bringing you a classic. They’ve won an abundance of awards and they also do a mighty fine breakfast. This month’s bean comes from ONA Coffee!

ONA Coffee

Now you’re probably wondering who is ONA? To sum it up simply Ona is a team of people in love with coffee. Over the last 6 years their relationship with the beloved bean has become, quotation mark “SERIOUS” and their involvement in it’s everyday life is a lot more hands on. As well as innovation, ONA has realized that to have a healthy relationship with coffee you need patience! Good things take time and understanding. In the end quality is of utmost importance. Though sounding a little cliché it’s actually true. The team at ONA have proven time and again that they are more than happy to take the harder long path if it guarantees better results. Are you ready to fall in love? Whether it’s your first date with coffee or you’ve been happily married to it for years, the roast from ONA will definitely provide a little extra passion. ONA is home to many awards, including World Roast Champion 2015, World Espresso Champion 2015, Golden Bean Champion 2015, World Barista Champion 2015, Australian Barista Champion 2015, ACT Barista Champion 2015 and more.


Roaster Notes

For the ONA team it was love at first sip when they met Betty. She’s chocolate, spice & everything nice. Delicate & full-bodied, she’ll give you what you need without ever being confronting


The Beans

Country: Rwanda (20%)/Brazil (60%)/ El Salvador (20%) Farm: Ngoma/ Beneficio Pedra Branca/ La Providencia Farmer: Rwanda/ Carmo de Minas/ El Salvador Region: Rwanda/ Carmo de Minas/ El Salvador Varietal: Rwanda/ Yellow Bourbon/ El Salvador Process: Washed/ Natural/ Black Honey Altitude: Rwanda/ Brazil/ El Salvador Roast Type: Espresso


Brew Guide

Method:10-40 days post roast: Espresso Dose: 20-21gm Extraction Volume: 39-43gm Extraction Time: 25-30 seconds Temperature: 94 degrees celsius

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